Mary Shumaker
Nice to meet you, I'm Mary. :)
When I think about what I enjoy most in life, it really is bringing a smile to someone's face. I love to joke, laugh, dance, sing, eat and connect. When I asked my trusted Facebook companions what one word they would use to describe me, I was surprised and so happy to see that it was "genuine". It wasn't what I expected, but made me realize my years of trying to understand people and put a smile on their face is most definitely my best quality. I bring that trust and genuine-ness into all that I do, and that includes real estate. 
I have been in marketing and sales for over 15 years, trying to see things the way the consumer would see them and build from there. Real estate gives me that same thrill of seeing thru someone else's eyes, but on a much more personal level. I love finding someone that absolutely perfect home. Or seeing a quality in a home that I just know is special, and making sure to make it stand out. 
I spent my childhood in the Seattle area and have been a Mason county expat since High School (Go Bulldogs!!). Washington is my forever home. I spend my free time with my husband, three kiddos, our insane amount of family, eating donuts and tacos and exploring what this beautiful earth has to offer. I love to travel to new cities and try their best restaurants, especially on a cold, drizzly day. 
Let me earn your trust, let's put my over 15 years of marketing and sales experience to work for you!!