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  • Allyn, WA real estate Real estate in Allyn, Washington is some of the most sought after in the area due to its beautiful surroundings and its close proximity to Case Inlet of Puget Sound, where it sits on the western shore of the North Bay region. Located in Mason County, Allyn was settled in 1853 and officially named a town on September 6th of 1889. The town of Allyn was known for its use of a small flotilla of steamboats as its main form of transportation up until the mid 1920s.
  • Bremerton, WA real estate The largest city in Kitsap County, Bremerton, Washington has an estimated population of 39,251 as of 2012. Located right on the Kitsap Peninsula, it is also surrounded by the Sinclair Inlet and the Straight of Port Orchard. In fact, the city is divided right down the middle by the Port Washington Narrows.
  • Hood Canal, WA real estate Hood Canal is a fjord in Washington and is one of four main basins of Puget Sound. The canal has an average width of 1.5 miles and roughly 213 miles of shoreline. It separates the Olympic Peninsula from the Kitsap Peninsula. One of the more impressive distinctions that Hood Canal boasts is that it is home to the Hood Canal Bridge, which is the third longest floating bridge in the entire world. It also happens to be the only floating bridge that is built on saltwater.
  • Poulsbo, WA real estate The quaint little town of Poulsbo, Washington, located on Liberty Bay in Kitsap County, is known throughout the area for its unique Scandinavian heritage. The town was founded in the 1880s by a Norwegian immigrant named Jorgen Eliason, which has led to many of the residents living in Poulsbo being able to trace their roots to Norway as well as to Finland.
  • Silverdale, WA real estate Located on the Kitsap Peninsula, Silverdale sits only ten miles northwest of Bremerton and 9 miles south of Poulsbo. Silverdale boasts much of the natural beauty that the state of Washington is known for, from the idyllic woods and wildlife, to its proximity to the Pacific – making Silverdale the perfect home for nature lovers.

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