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TLC formed in 2013 when Shannan Laudet and Teri Camus joined forces. They recognized that they both possessed specialized talents and since they’ve united, they’ve been able to offer their clients a leading edge experience! TLC looks forward to working with you on your next real estate transaction.  Team Laudet Camus – Quality Wins Every Time.


  • Shannan Laudet
    Image of Shannan Laudet
    900 Pacific Ave Suite 110
    WA 98337 US

    Phone: (360) 731-0025

    As a Realtor, building relationships means everything to me. I am honored that nearly all of my clients today are repeat clients or direct referrals from other satisfied clients.  Many have become dear friends.

    Buying and selling real estate is a complex, sometimes challenging process.  My clients tell me they appreciate my clear understanding of their needs, my ability to communicate effectively, my attention to even the smallest of details, and my keen sense of timing.  I have also cultivated valuable relationships with lenders and other behind-the-scenes professionals necessary to close the deal successfully.  

    As a parent of two great kids, a volunteer, a homeowner and a businesswoman, I want everything I do to contribute to the well-being of my community.  For many years I have been working with Community Frameworks, a local non-profit that creates affordable housing opportunities by renovating run-down homes. In my spare time, I love gardening, landscaping, and hiking with my family.

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  • Teri Camus
    Managing Broker
    Image of Teri Camus
    900 Pacific Ave Suite 110
    WA 98337 US

    Phone: (360) 265-5881

    I’ve been in business all my life and what I enjoy most is customer service.  Knowing how to make things a little easier, a little better, a little more satisfying for people is deeply fulfilling to me.  As a Realtor (and a homeowner myself), being a good listener and communicator helps me see the world through my clients’ eyes.  My clients appreciate my responsiveness and careful attention to details.  And, while I’m an enthusiastic user of new technologies to support my clients’ needs, I never forget that real estate is about people first. 

    I am known and respected for my business acumen, attention to detail & people skills.

    I was born and raised here in beautiful Washington.  As an adult, I’ve had the pleasure of living all over the country, but nothing compares to home.   My husband and I love our time exploring the outdoors, beach combing, traveling and cooking.  We have met so many interesting people along the way, many of whom have become clients and friends. 

    I am a volunteer and contributor to the Boys & Girls Club, YMCA & Habitat for Humanity.  I have been a regular participant in the 3 Day Walk for the Cure.  Being a part of my local community, has blessed me many times over.

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  • Nick Earp
    Image of Nick Earp
    900 Pacific Ave Suite 110
    WA 98337 US

    Phone: (360) 731-6872

    The decision to buy or sell a home is the first step on a journey that elicits a wide variety of emotions along the way.  As a homeowner that has been through both sides of the process multiple times, my experience has been that the quality of customer service an agent delivers will dramatically affect the ease and enjoyment of the journey.  This is why I am a part of Real Estate by TLC, where our focus is on working as a team and ensuring that all of our customers receive the utmost quality of customer service.  I believe buying or selling a home should be a joyous and fun experience above all, and by having a fantastic team around me, I am able to provide exceptional customer service and attention to detail throughout the process.

    I was born and raised in Kitsap County, and have lived here for most of my life.  I served in the US Air Force in my twenties and spent the ten years following working as a government contractor at NBK Bangor.  My service and the close ties I gained while working on a Navy base have led me to a great understanding of the challenges that face our military buyers and sellers, and I absolutely love to help our service members and veterans through the process of buying and selling their home. 

    As your agent, my complete focus is on your best interests, your comfort, and the goals you have set for your real estate dreams.  Contact me today so I and my team can show you how Quality Wins Every Time!

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  • Reanna Moore
    Buyer's Agent
    Image of Reanna Moore
    900 Pacific Ave Suite 110
    WA 98337 US

    Phone: (360) 865-9888

    I was born in Kitsap County, and have lived in Kitsap and Mason Counties for much of my life, so I’m very familiar with the surrounding areas. I absolutely love it here! My family and I love camping and hiking all over the Northwest, and we spend the majority of our gorgeous summers outdoors!

    I have a passion for working with people and strive to provide the best home buying experience possible for my clients.  My knowledge and experience in Customer Service and Residential Construction bring a uniquely effective skill set to searching for, choosing, and closing on the right home for you. Being a first time home buyer myself, I have recently gone through the process of selecting a lender and obtaining a VA loan, as well as finding the perfect home for my family.  Choosing an agent you can trust results in a much smoother and overall fulfilling home buying experience, allowing you to focus on what’s most important: the delight and satisfaction of owning a home!

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  • Cari Shumaker
    Image of Cari Shumaker
    900 Pacific Ave Suite 110
    WA 98337 US

    Phone: (360) 731-1004

    A long-time resident of the Kitsap Peninsula and an outdoors enthusiast, I’ve been in real estate for over 18 years. I’m passionate about my career and have an extensive background in residential resale as well as new construction.

    I’m a very congenial person and enjoy helping my clients attain their dreams. Communication is key, and I strive to keep my clients informed throughout the entire process. With my top-notch technological knowledge, I’m able to market and promote listings around the nation. I believe firmly in communicating with my clients in an accurate and timely manner, which makes completing a transaction a pleasure!

    I’m very knowledgeable and experienced in the listing and marketing of homes, discussing the financial incentives available to homeowners, and helping consumers see a property's potential. I’m a knowledgeable professional who connotes competency, fairness and high integrity.

    Aside from real estate, I enjoy hiking, camping and adventuring with my family. We all enjoy kiteboarding together. I’m an avid naturalist and family herbalist and spend as much time out in nature as possible.

    Give me a call today and see how I can help you with all your real estate needs!

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